Kas Beauty’s FAQ's

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Who makes the sets?

All sets are handmade and designed by myself (Kayla Barker)

What is included in my order?

  1. Professional nail glue
  2. Double sided nail file & buffer
  3. Your unique set of luxury press on nails (10 or 20) 
  4. Application guide
  5. Aftercare guide

I'm still unsure of my nail sizes after measuring what should I do?

A sizing kit for your desired shape and length can be ordered this is the most accurate way to determine your nail size.

Alternatively, a 20 nail set containing two of every nail size (0-9) can be bought which may be a better option if you are still unsure about your measurements. 

*Please be aware sizing kits from other companies may not correspond to our sets please buy a kit uniquely sold by us to avoid receiving your set and the nails not fitting as expected*

How long will it take for them to be made?

Processing time: 3-5 working days

Postage: 1-3 working days 

*this is subject to change (processing time can increase to 10 working days) depending on the amount of orders pending and other delivery/courier factors we cannot control,  please order with at least 15 working days advancing any events to allow possible delays. These numbers are estimates not guarantees*

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, international shipping is calculated at the checkout. Shipping for nail sets is always sent tracked and/or signed for. You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number once your set has been dispatched. 

I need a replacement nail how can I order one? 
You can purchase a replacement nail through the link below. Please include in the notes section in the shopping cart area:

1. The name of the set you bought.

2. Which nail needs replacing (e.g. pinky).

3. The new nail size you need (e.g. size 7).

For example: Boy Bye nail set, middle finger, size 4. 

*Replacement nail listing price is for ONE NAIL ONLY* If you need to change your entire nail size e.g. from a size medium to a size large you’ll need to purchase a new set. 

Use this link:


Do you offer custom nail designs?

Yes! Use our quick form in the menu section or direct message us on Instagram with a picture of what you wanted.

Are they reusable?

Yes. Adhesive nail tabs can be purchased from our store. They allow you to remove your nails whenever you want and reuse them as you please without damaging them.

If you would like to use glue to apply your nails, use a nail file or nail drill to file off excess glue left on the back of the nail once you've removed them by soaking your nails in warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes and gently using a cuticle pusher to remove. DO NOT FORCE NAILS OFF. Repeat soaking process until your nails come off with ease.

Wipe the dust off with an alcohol wipe/rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and they are ready to be reused!

(nail polish remover containing acetone will ruin the finish please do not use this if you wish to reuse your set) 

How long do they last?

Two weeks with nail glue and good nail prep. We recommend you gentle buff the surface of your nail using the nail file provided in all our sets and apply a generous amount of glue onto the false nail and another dot onto your natural nail and press them together for around 10 seconds.

*Wear varies from person to person depending on lifestyle. These numbers are what our trials, tests and customers have concluded. Application is very important for example, ensuring your nails fit perfectly onto your nail beds with no overlap onto the skin will avoid lifting and increase how long your nails last. The wear of the nails being decreased is not grounds for a refund as too many individual factors not regarding our service are at play*

Can I measure with nails on already? 

No, you should only measure to find your nail size when your nails are bare and natural. 

How do I know how long the nail shapes are? 

Measurements of all nail lengths and shapes can be found in the sizing guidelines. Please refer to the menu selection or the footer of the webpage. 

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our products all sales are final and orders cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged and we do not accept store credits. 

This is why it is very important to carefully measure your nails or order a size kit to ensure no accidental measurement errors are made.