How long do press on nails last?

How long do press on nails last?

Press on nails have become the go-to nail enhancement choice for busy women who need perfect nails without the hassle and time commitment of going to a nail salon. But how long do press on nails last? because lets be honest, they can be as quick to apply and look good but if they only last a day what's the point.

The answer to that question depends on a couple things: 

1. how you're applying them (nail preparation & adhesive tabs vs nail glue)

2. the quality of the press on nails


Applying with adhesive tabs

Press on nails applied with adhesive tabs

Press on nail applied with the sticky adhesive glue tabs will last you a up to a day and are a great option if you only want your nails applied for an event, photoshoot or don't want your nails applied permanently for religious reasons fro example. 

Applying with nail glue 

Applying press on nails with nail glue

When applied correctly press on nails applied with nail glue will last up to 2 weeks. Now the quality of the nail glue is very important most drugstores will supply there nails with very weak glue which will unfortunately cause your nails to pop off very quickly so I advise purchasing a strong nail glue with good reviews off of amazon. My luxury press on nails have professional grade nail glue included in every order for free so browse my best sellers and have peace of mind that your nails are not only going to last long, but will be easy to apply and look high quality. Shop Luxury Press On Nail Extensions 

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