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Adhesive Nail Tabs

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Nail adhesive tabs allow you to remove and reuse your nails as a substitute for nail glue. They're perfect for you if: 

- You cannot permanently wear nails for religious reasons (great option for getting your nails done for Eid celebrations!)

- You wish to re-use your nails

- You intend to wear your nails for less than 24 hours (photoshoots, events)

They are more temporary than nail glue but preparing your nails means they can still be just as secure!

Application lasts up to 24 hours

Includes 24 nail tabs (x2 cards in 10-12 different sizes to fit all nail sizes)

Key Features

- Handmade by a qualified nail technician from salon quality gel products

- Reusable (purchase adhesive tabs or see FAQ's for more info)

- Damage free removal

- Lasts 2+ weeks with proper application

- Customisable -> message us on Instagram or email

What’s Included in Your Order?

You’ll receive nail glue, an application instructions, double-sided nail file/buffer, a cuticle pusher and 10 hand-painted, salon quality press on nails!

How to Measure Your Nails


How do I measure my press on nail size?

You can either: 

1. Order a Sizing Kit

The most accurate way to determine your nail size is by purchasing a sizing kit which can be found here. Simply place each nail onto your own to test out each size and see which fits your nails best. Once you have received your kit please email your measured sizes to Your order will be made and dispatched only after your sizes have been received through email. 


2. Measure at Home

You can measure your nails with measuring tape or Sellotape and a flat ruler. Please see the guides below for more information. 

Sizing guide using a measuring tape

*Measurements are calculated by hand please allow slight variation*





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