How to find your press on nail size using a sizing kit

How to find your press on nail size using a sizing kit

The most accurate method you can use to find your nail size is to use a nail sizing kit which you can purchase here. If you haven't purchased your sizing kit yet save this webpage for later so you can find it when you need it!

I'm going to guide you through how to get your nail size in less than 10 minutes! 

Before you start: 

✅ make sure your nails are natural and have no product on.

✅ push back and trim your cuticles if you plan on doing this when you apply your design set to make sure the area you're applying your test nails to is the same as the area you will be applying your real design set to. 

✅ keep the test false nails straight when measuring which size fits you best

Once you've made sure all of those are ticked off let's start with our thumbs. Take the size zero and line up the left side of the test nail to the left side of your natural nail making sure it spushed all teh way to teh cuticle area. Rotate your finger to see if the other side of teh false nail lines up with your nail. We're looking for a nail that covers our entire nail without overlapping onto the skin or piercing into the skin.

We also don't want a nail that's too small and therefore shows our natural nail at the sides or feels tight when pressed down. Let's look at how I did with a size zero.

Press on nail sizing kit - example of a nail that's too big

As we can see size zero is far too big for me so if you have the same issue move down to the next (smaller) size until you find a nail that covers your entire nail bed from side wall to side wall without overlapping onto or piercing into your skin at the side of your nail.

Press on nail sizing kit - example of a nail that pushes into the skin

Size one is a good example of a nail that looks like it fits but at second glance you can see it's piercing into my skin. Big red flag 🚩 If you glued this nail down it would become very painful even if it feels fine now. I recommend going down a size so let's move onto size 2.

press on nails sizing kit - example of a nail that fits perfectly

Perfection my thumb is a size two! 🎉 It covers my entire nail bed without overlapping onto or piercing into my skin. 

press on nail sizing kit - example of a nail that's too small

Now here's an example of what a nail that's too small looks like. Size three feels very tight when I push it down onto my nail. If you glue down a nail that's too small for you this could cause it to pop off very easily. I always advise going up a size and filing the sides of the nail when you receive your set if you feel you fall in-between sizes! If you don't trust yourself to do this drop me a message once you've ordered to let me know which nail you need a little smaller and I'll make the adjustment at no extra charge for you. 

Repeat this for your 4 other fingers an dnote down the number you get. (Most people's hands will be semetrical so you won't need to measure your other hand unless youre nails look vastly different  and you want to be sure) Then all that's left is to pick your design nail set, select CUSTOM SIZE, add to cart, add your custom nail size in the cart notes section and checkout! I'll do the rest and you can be assured the nicest nails you've ever had are on their way to you! 😁

I hope this was helpful please comment any questions you may have and I'll happily answer to the best of my ability. 

Good luck with your nail sizing! 

Lots of love 


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